Tractor Monthly Maintenance Report

    This is a Federal Law, D.O.T. requirement, not merely a company policy. This report MUST be completed and submitted to our office no later than the 15th of the following month.

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                This is a combination Repair Record, Lubrication and Grease Record, and Tire Repair & Replacement Record. It must be completed each month in which the maintenance is preformed Repair Record: Any and all repairs completed during the month must be listed. All replacement parts must be listed. This also includes minor items such as lights, reflectors, etc. Lubrication & Grease Record: Each lubrication must be listed and all grease jobs. (Trans., Diff. etc) Tire Repair or Replacement Record: List all tire and tube repairs, replacements, tire switching, rotations, etc.

                                REPAIR SECTION:

                                List all repairs made. List all parts or equipment installed.

                                                TIRE SECTION

                                                List all repairs, replacements, rotations and location.

                                                                    LUBRICATION RECORD

                                                                            Brakes Adjustment Records